We specialize in kokanee salmon, king salmon, trout and walleye fishing; Wild big game animals, especially blacktail deer; and fruit and vegetable gardening with an emphasis on heirloom tomatoes.

You'll also find Native American archery bows and art by Ken Baser, and outdoor prints (framed and unframed) by W.H. Lentz, jr.

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Cat Creek Outdoors offers Blacktail deer, Bighorn sheep, mule deer, Coues deer, antelope, and elk DVD's as well as traditional, Native American-styled, archery bows. View big game pictures and download information about  "The California Records of Big Game".

Baser Primitive Bows are Available Here - Ken Baser of Sheridan California builds primitive, native american-style flat bows. Baser is of Choctaw and Cherokee ancestry and his hand made bows are custom made and can be backed (layered on front of bow) by either sturgeon skin, sinew, linen, or silk.

We also offer fishing products including the "French Frye" spinner for trout, kokanee salmon, king salmon, sockeye salmon, and walleye; The "Gold Medal" ultralight trolling dodger, and 4 types of quality hooks.

Find gardening supplies like the Cat Creek Collapsible Tomato Tower – a great tomato cage/support, and durable but comfortable hand trowels. Read gardening tips and info on a variety of fruits and vegetables including heirloom and hybrid tomatoes on our gardening page.

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(530) 409-9720 - E-mail ccoutdoor@yahoo.com

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French Frye Dozen
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